Deposit money in skrill?

salam bros i am new here, nd this z my 1st post.. i wanna ask how to deposit money in skrill ? i have add and verified my visa card but when i click upload funds it says

Sorry, you are unable to upload from your card. Please try an alternative payment option.

kindly guide me plz

Make sure that you have balance in your card. Try to upload less amount to account for currency conversion fee, upload fee etc.

mastercard works well if you are from pakistan, most visa cards and debit cards and there are some restrictions on them to use it online, consult your bank for more details.

Make sure it's a credit card. Pakistani debit cards don't work with online transactions.

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Only SCB card work with Skrill for deposit.

I use UBL Wiz all the time with Skrill Upload. It works perfectly.