DELL WorkStation forsale

Forsale: Used Dell Precision Workstation


2x Dual Intel P4 64bit Xeon Processors (3.6Ghz each)

2x 73gb SCSI HDs (Segate Cheetah)

2GB DDR2 ECC Registered RAM

IDE DVD Writer (black)

128mb Graphics PCI-E (16x slot)

Built in 1000g LAN and Sound

Lot of USB & other ports front/back

SATA/IDE/SCSI all options in motherboard

Black DELL Precision Tower Casing with lot of Bays

Demand: Rs.28000

Post your offers here!

Model Number ??

For detailed specs and compatibility checking.

How much used ??

Unit Serial Number ??

and a recent photo would be nice.

Model is Dell Precision 670

please upload photos..........

I already mentioned the all specifications, system is working perfectly, i don't have digital camera right now, so you can see the pictures on Google image search by keyword "dell precision 670 workstation"....

You also see same workstation sell on at Rs.17000 without harddisks/cd, only 1gb and with 2.8ghz...... So on my specs it available on galaxy at upto 36000.