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First, I've been roaming through websites of various online laptop sales' shops in Pakistan and everywhere I've found different specs for Dell Inspiron 15 N5050 and N5040 laptops. On the Dell's official website, they say Dell 5050's RAM is 4 GB and Hard disk is "upto 500 GB" while on other sites it's different, same is with RAMs capacities, prices etc.

I want to ask that;

1) Are the laptops only available with the specs that are mentioned in the official website or can they be customized etc.? If they're available with different specs, then does it means they've been opened and not pin-packed/sealed?

2) Is Windows 7 Genuine already installed in Dell 5040 or 5050 or other Dell laptops that are coming in Pakistan?

3) What is a better choice b/w 5040 and 5050 or suggest some other in the range from 40k to 50k ?

Top laptops companies are not selling laptops to us (Pakistanis) "officially" through their website. If you read closely (especially the warranty webpages), you'll be surprise that the things mentioned on websites, for example Dell, are for United States of America. Surprised?! :)

Pakistan is a third world country, who only produce terrorists (beside we other products) and nobody outside care about this country. Welcome to the real cruel world.

What you see in Pakistani websites or in shops around Pakistan is that dealers/shopkeepers bought laptops in bulk from companies in USA with some specifications that they think would be more "suitable" for Pakistani market. After all they are the dealers from Pakistan, they know that our (Pakistanis) first demand is to make things as cheaper as possible. Secondly, most of us just want to showoff "that I have brand new Dell laptop" without even caring whether it has 2GB RAM or 4GB RAM because after all what we are going to do is to check email, run MSN/Yahoo/Skype, view some videos on YouTube and 2GB do all these without a fuzz. And general public is happy with it.

That being said then came a very small group of people who called themselves "gamers" who go for computers that can run games. They have to dig or customize to get laptop what they need. Then came a minor group with less population than Vatican city, who called themselves "programmers" who also makeshift with computers available in market to cater their needs.

>1) Are the laptops only available with the specs that are mentioned in the official website or can they be customized etc.? If they're available with different specs, then does it means they've been opened and not pin-packed/sealed?

Some of the websites, for example HP and many others, allow you to customize laptop (at least a little bit from default hardware) before you order it on their websites. This flexibly allow customers to get what they want. You might get different specs in same models in Pakistan, read above as I mentioned how dealers customize their orders to make it more attractive for Pakistani market. Secondly, what's "pin-packed/sealed" and "not-pin-packed"? :) I am happy what I get in Pakistan. I thank Allah that He still give me things to buy in this third world that first world people enjoy. It's a luxury to have same model that first world is using. 100 years back it was a dream for third world countries to even see those products in their life time that first world were using.

>2) Is Windows 7 Genuine already installed in Dell 5040 or 5050 or other Dell laptops that are coming in Pakistan?

Flip the laptop, if a key is written on the backside of laptop then get a DVD from market or download directly from Microsoft and install Windows 7 with that key (written on the backside of laptop). However, many laptops sold in Pakistani market are with "DOS". As I mentioned above, dealers/shopkeepers have to shave off as many dollars from the price tag so that Pakistani stop asking about "lower the price". Or in other words, increase their profit by installing pirated Windows 7 on a "DOS" laptop ;) When in doubt ask the shopkeeper/website/dealer before buying that whether it has genuine Windows 7 or not.

>3) What is a better choice b/w 5040 and 5050 or suggest some other in the range from 40k to 50k ?

Research it yourself. You'll be the one who is going to use that laptop, not us. If I have to choose, I'll choose blindly with the lowest price tag. But it's my personal choice.

For how many times I have to tell everybody to research and make decision yourself. Stop relying on other people's choices. This is not 1990. You have internet, research and read on internet about each laptop's specs and reviews and make an intelligent decision based on your own findings. Would you buy Mercedes just because I said so? No, you'll buy the car that you find fit for your needs. Or maybe, majority of Pakistanis are just big babies who want others to make decisions for them. That's why this country is so f***ed up.

*sigh* why do people insist on buying dell

as I have mentioned in these forums before, dell has a higher rate of failure among laptop. Laptops are extremely finicky machines and you can get a lot of problems in the long run with them. If you are investing 30 - 50,60 k in a machine, I would try to find the best machine I can get.

I would suggest you also research Asus and Toshiba which have lower failure rates and are better buys according to this website then dell:

For those who say that asus and toshiba laptops are hard to find,,,here is a list of them available in Pakistan

(in the local market you will probably find them at even lower rates then these):



Hey, one of my laptop is Dell and it is an year old and it is still kicking :)

I heard HP has higher rate of failure. At least I saw two HP failing under my supervision, first hand experience. But I still have a third HP which is still going good (fingers crossed).

Use the machine with care and it gives you a better life. But in electronics there are multiple things that can go wrong.

By the way, almost all laptops are pretty much equal. Because all major leading laptop brands are manufactured by same factories in China. Ever heard of Foxconn and Quanta Computers? All of your Apple products, iPhones, Sony laptops, Dell laptops, etc. etc. all made by them. :D This is a biggest joke to consumers. It's just left to marketing of brands because that's what they do. Manufacturer? Foxconn and Quanta. :lol:

double *sigh* :rolleyes: ,


ASUS best, HP worst for notebook reliability

Reliability study has Apple 4th place

A new study published by SquareTrade revealed that the smaller name brand notebook manufacturers are usually more reliable than their larger rivals. Of the top nine, ASUS has the lowest tracked breakdown rate with fewer than 10 percent of its notebooks failing in the past two years. Toshiba, Sony and Apple also have better-than-average performance and are either just over or under the same figure.

The higher volume companies largely see significantly worse long-term prospects. While Dell is only slightly less reliable, failure rates jump significantly for Lenovo, Acer and its sub-label Gateway. HP fares the worst with about 16 percent of its portables breaking down.

Researchers project that failure rates should go up for many of these systems over a three-year span but that the rankings should remain consistent, if exaggerated: where 15.6 percent of ASUS' systems are poised to fail after three years, more than a quarter of HP's PCs (25.6 percent) should suffer the same fate.

Some of the reason for the gap in failure rates is attributed to the quality of the systems themselves. Netbooks, which are normally made of cheaper materials to push the price below $400, not only face the highest first-year failure rate but are disproportionately more likely to break down in three years; about 25.1 percent should stop working in the period, the analysts say. Budget but full-size notebooks, which dominate the lineups of Acer, Gateway and HP, are also more likely to break and face a 20.6 percent failure rate. Premium notebooks over $1,000, like many of those from Apple and Sony, face the best chances with a lower initial failure rate and an 18.1 percent anticipated malfunction rate.

It's nonetheless mentioned that notebooks as a whole are historically unreliable compared to other electronics as their nature leads not only to abuse of hard drives and other components but also accidents. Over three years, it's believed as much as 31 percent of notebooks will either fail of their own accord or suffer drops that render them inoperable.



If people throw laptops on floors, rub arse with them or use them to hit others on forehead, these will definitely fail. How many people use laptop while drinking something and spill the liquid on it? why people use wet hands for typing when they do not know keys are exposed? Is it really necessary to use laptop 24x7 hours of week and if it get tired, blaming company?

Bhai 50K ki range mein apko Accer ka 5742 i5 mil jaye ga.. I have been using this and its really working fine for me,