Dell CPU fan problem

I have a Dell 280 with 2.8 processor. But the problem is the CPU fan speed shoots with in 1 minute. Its rotation is at extream.

How can i solve it?

Its a known problem with Dell GX280 and Dell precision 360, it happens due to capacitor over-heating.

To be very honest, there is no real solution of this problem, because its a motherboard fault, however you can try using cooling paste on processor. If problem remains :( you will have to buy a new one. But this time dont buy Dell GX280 or Precision 360.

Good Luck

Yeah don't bother getting DELL GX280 again cause my friend also has the same overheating problem. Although i used Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste on it but the problem still persists.

I also have this problem, there have no solution after searching at all.

This system is awesome but the Sound problem is worst then everything, i need to buy new one, Please Guide, what is best PC in market with LOWEST FAN NOISE.


Currently, I have Dell Optiplex 280, 40 GB HDD, 1 GB RAM, 3.2 Processor.

(I bought it as used from the market.)

After GX280 its time to Upgrade.

Buy New ASUS m/b [not used] which support Pentium 4 processor and dualcore etc, so that in near future you can upgrade ur processor too.

Dont buy used branded PCs like Dell HP.

Well i had same problem and i modified the wiring & created these to resolve this issue....

I have 3 suggestions to make.....

watch the Schematic diagrams and modify the wiring.....



This design will work nicely and all it costs is just 1 Rupee, buy a resistor of 100 Ohms, or at least invest a few more rupees to buy several more resistors since noise will be related to the resistance of the resistors. so experiment and implement the design according to your own



Don't do this or do this at ur own risk....

It was my first design and it works, but slows the Fan to dead RPMs which can kill the CPU or simply Hang or Crash ur OS.



And if still can't do it ur self then contact me

I'll charge Rs 500 / System .....

^ making it noiseless is not the solution dude.

There is a problem with motherboard, actually its main IC is overheating and making fan to run faster.

This is a signal that your mobo is about to die, so buy new one.

Shafiq Bro, no doubt the CPU's RPM monitoring sensor has problem but when a suitable repairing option is available then why invest money on a new system.

The wiring and schematics above are a 100 % solution to it,

Though i agree with your point that all branded systems are not good, but only when they start giving problems.

then a branded system can be a cause of headache.

I also love custom made systems.

It's staying hot most likely due to not enough ventilation in the case as eluded to by OtheHill. You don't really want to control the cpu fan speed manually as you may forget it's running slow to tune out the noise and it needs more air cause it's running hot. Performance will degrade as a result of this. CPU chips will stay hot for a bit so that accounts for the long time at high speed.

my system dell is also make very laod voice of fan, some time it hang, but i think its not heating problem, i have AC in my room and the room is very cool, even its also happen in winter,

no one more to reply me and guide me about the dell fan problem, no i have another problem in my computer, when i start computer its window on and i click on my computer then the screen is became blue and some error written come on total blue screen and computer restart, can some have the hal of this problem

You can try changing the fan, it is cheap.

My old CPU fan stopped working so I replaced it with a new one. The problem is that the BIOS doesnt let the computer boot since there is nothing connected to the FAN1 connection. My new fan doesnt have this kinda power connection so I cant connect it there. how can I disable the BIOS cpu fan checkup?The solution may be to install another cas fan or two to carry that heat away ond out. The most common case fan size is 80mm. There are 25.4mm per inch if you need to know that. This is so you can figure out what your case will hold. the screw spacing on an 80mm fan is about 2 3/4" or about 70mm. When shopping for fans the CFM and the noise in DB are quoted. Variable speed fans are nice as are temperature controlled. If you aren't monitoring your system temps I suggest you do. Not sure what to recommend for your rig but I use Motherboardmonitor. This program may not be suitable for you. Mine has temp readings right in the tray next to the clock. The difference between the system and CPU shouldn't be more than 10 degrees C. and your system temps shouldn't be more than 10 degrees C. higher than the room lower is preferable.


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This has remained a problem with processor fans of every Dell System. Nothing can be done regarding this instead of getting it replaced....

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I have a Dell 280 with 2.8 processor. But the problem is the CPU fan speed shoots with in 1 minute. Its rotation is at extream.

How can i solve it?


Check capacitors…