Dell Classical laptop - should i go for it really

Hi Guys........

My problem is that i want bigger screen yet light weight machine, i found the following one:,-2gb-Ram,-128gb-SSD-Hard-Disk,-16%22-Display,-Wifi,-Bluetooth,-Cam,-Windows-7-Professional.

It seem classical one and website claims its worlds slimiest & lightest laptop in 16" category..... need advise.. though i am loving it and may just go for it.

hay, what happend to the link i posted....

it was :,-2gb-Ram,-128gb-SSD-Hard-Disk,-16%22-Display,-Wifi,-Bluetooth,-Cam,-Windows-7-Professional.

by the way if its not yet displayed properly, and u wana help then please check the site and look for:

Dell Latitude Z600 - Intel SU9400 1.4Ghz, 2gb Ram, 128gb SSD Hard Disk, 16" Display, Wifi, Bluetooth, Cam, Windows 7 Professional.

and this is wat the claim:

Product Description

If you've been wanting an ultra-thin laptop but wouldn't dare pick up a computer with a screen smaller than 15 inches, feast your eyes on the Dell Latitude Z.

Featuring a svelte body that's just 0.57 - 0.79" tall, the Z weighs in at just 4.5 lbs

Worlds Thinnest & Lightest 16" Laptop, Weighing on 2Kg and 0.5" Thin.

Intel ULV SU9400 1.4 Ghz Processor,

2gb DDR3 Ram, 128gb Solid State Hard Disk, (Fastest Hard Disk),

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, Finger Print Reader,

Back Lit Key Board,

Windows 7 Professional.

Webcam with Autofocus, Facial Recognition and Business Card Reader / Document Scanner