Dell Alienware M11x

Dell has comes with their innovative Dell Alienware M11x with advanced features and trendy look for their consumers. The 11.6-inch ultraportable Dell Alienware M11x laptop has sufficient power to play all most recent headings while creating only self-effacing compromises yet it's significantly more portable than typical gaming notebooks in the 15-inch variety, allow alone massive desktop-replacement notebooks.

The Dell Alienware M11x grasps its fantastic presentation into a small package by captivating an Intel SU7300 ultra-low-voltage CPU which typically operates at 1.3GHz and overclocking it to 1.73GHz by way of increasing the front side bus from 800MHz to 1066MHz.

Utilizing the CPU-Z tool to inspect the CPU properties, we exposed that the clock multiplier was dropped from its default 6.5 to 6.0, creating the final clock speed 1.6GHz. If you don't like the overclocked speed, a choice in the BIOS allows you tell the CPU to operate at the default speed. Alienware completely supports the overclocked speed in 1-year warranty. What you huys have to say about it.. is it a good deal to buy it???

no doubt it's sexy and most powerful machine for gaming having 8.30 hours of battery time, but keep in mind it lacks in CD/DVD Drive.....