Degree Attestation Question

I am going to get my Degree attested from HEC. Kindly tell me do I need to get my degree verified from University before going to HEC??

Or I can go to HEC straight away.


Would this help ?

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I am going to get my Degree attested from HEC. Kindly tell me do I need to get my degree verified from University before going to HEC??

Or I can go to HEC straight away.



HEC only attests bachelors & up degrees and yes you can go directly to HEC without any other attestation.

Edit: at least that was the case with myself.

Thanks Guys

dont do it online ..

if u are only going to attest from hec .. then u only need the original degree .. if u want to attest the photocopy of degree u will need original degree.. if u are going to attest the provisional degree or transcript .. u need a letter from ur univ stating u are real and u need its verification .. or something like this .. only to convince them ..

dont do it online . if u do it online it will take 2 months to get the number and u will still be required to go there .. for safety ... at least ..

just reach the hec building sharp at morning ... like 7-8 am .. as after 11 o clock they stop giving tickets .. only those who came till 11 o clock are allowed to register ..

most of ur time will be spent in filling the online form at the hec lab ..

so i would strongly advice to fill the form online from ur home and dont get any appointment .. then go to hec and just get a print .. u will get earlier print and will be farag at 12 o clock... else u will get farag at 5 o clock ..

if u want to verify from foreign office .. u need to verifiy ur metric fsc from respective board .. then ibcc .. only then those wil be verified by fbise ..

all in all its a big khwari

@jhagra...I am a bit confused. Plz clarify.

What I have read at HEC site that booking time slot is necessary for attestation. So if i do not book a slot earlier, would they entertain me if I just walk in??. If it is possible then this is the best way what u suggested. Plz confirm


the booking is just a sh1t ...

just go straight away to hec building get a tocken at the gate .. go to room no 1 o think .. that is a lab where u will fill the form then at print time u will get ur real token which will be used throughout ..

but first go to the following site

make an account and fill all the needed details ..

after filling all the details do not reserve any slot .. .. then go to hec earlier morning .. . login with that account .. and then just ask the attendant that u have filled all the details just get me its print .. he will get its print .. the earlier u print the the earlier number u get ..

then go from counter 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 to 5 .... each counter has specific task ..



@ Jhagra...Thnx for clarifying the process in detail w.r.t HEC.

Now one more thing. I also have to attest my degree from UAE Embassy. As I am currently in Lahore, so what would be the quickest way to do this??

not sure about uae .. but u have to go there and get info .. there are agents u may get their help if u are short of time .. but i would strongly recomend that u do all and each thing urself .. and never let ur degrees slip into some untrusted person .. ...

thori si khwari ho jaya gi . .;laikin sakoon hoga..

have u made an account on hec and filled the forms ?

@ Jhagra

I have created the account and filled the educational details. But I am not selecting the documents to attest right, this i will do at HEC lab as you suggested as it involves selection of time slot.

Now tell me one thing, when I will be filling the above mentioned form in HEC lab, what time slot should i have to select? Or should I have to ask someone?


Than you Ijaz Ahmad. I also get satisfied with your web link.

One question guys. Does only HEC Islamabad attest degrees or their regional centers in Karachi and Lahore too? I saw FAQ on HEC website that regional center do not attest degrees which is a big WTF!!!!

Use OCS services:

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Use OCS services:


Yeah I saw that but its a long process. I thought I could just go to office in Karachi, get in line and attest my degree.

No, degree is only attested in HEC Islamabad. The regional centers are made for selling Aaloo Chholay ... :D

Do they really need matric and inter mark sheets or just certificates?

I called HEC Islamabad and the guy said they don't need inter mark sheets (and probably matric too).

Transcripts are only needed for Degree. For matric and Inter, you only need certificates.

For the degree which I want to attest or other degrees too?

For e.g. I want to attest MCS degree but I have also got B.Com degree and PGD certificate so will they also be needing transcripts of those?