Dedicated MP3 player vs a cell phone

I have a k790i (for almost a few months now) with 512MB, and recently, got a Creative Zen (for free) that has 2GB flash memory (not the same as the memory card memory).

Question is - which should I use?

Here are the pros/cons of what I have:

Phone: pro/cons:

- it's a phone, and there's no need to carry multiple gadgets

- it supports different audio (and video) formats

- I can use it with the PC, without having to install special software

- the memory card transfers files sooo slow the year 2020 will pass by (and I don't know why it's so slow) when it finishes.

- bluetooth file transfers

- support for HE-AAC (HEAVY compression, marginal loss in sound quality... but bearable... not very perceivable... you can increase the treble to compensate for the loss) which means many songs on a 512MB card

Zen: pros/cons:

- good sound quality (for sure, and it's generally accepted it has better sound quality over the iPod)

- 2GB (!!!)

- you need to install their proprietary software on the PC you wish to use the Zen with

- lightweight (for sure)

- the media player is MUCH, MUCH better than the K790i's player (not that the K790i's player is crippled, but compared with any MP3 player, you'll know what I'm talking about).

- limited formats (MP3/WMA supported: the box says AAC is supported, but I haven't been able to play it... the player does detect it... so I'm guessing it's the codec).

Now, I want your suggestions. One thing to note is that they both have radio, while my SE has RDS in it's radio (not very important, since the RDS info available in Pakistan is limited to station info only, and you need to have a clear radio signal for that). There aren't any other important points as such which may be of interest to you.

Oh - and making calls isn't THAT important, so I can live with both rather than forcing myself to just one option.

So tell me - is it worth the pain in transferring all my songs to the Zen, or what say you?

I have a cell phone with a built in MP3 player and I also have a video iPod. I never use the cell phone's mp3 features because I don't want to run down my battery since the phone is more important to me as a phone than as an mp3 player. Besides my cell phone only holds 512 mb of music vs the iPod's 30 gb. Finally, the phone has a 1/8" headphone jack (most headphones have a 1/4" plug) so you have to use the headphones which came with the phone.... and they are horrible for music. I would strongly recommend an actual mp3 player and not a phone with a built in mp3.

keep the mp3 player

I chose an iPod Nano 3rd Gen 8GB over N73... Why? Needed more space, better audio/video quality. The old cell phone I have can perform its cell phone duties for a long time...

About 3GB in it is free right now and using it as usb storage sometimes. One of the reasons I went ahead with the 8GB version instead of 4GB version was that I happen to have a USB drive/key and it has spent more time with my friends and other risthedaar than my own hands. They ask for it all the time and then never think about returning. Nano on other hand, they can't ask for and I can generously say a NO even if asked for.

Cell phone, clutter free! You can listen to music and make calls. And it plays your AAC files too. Just buy a 2 GB memory card if it bothers you that much. It's a no brainer really.


Nuff' said.

Money doesn't grow on trees so that I could buy the iPhone, and besides, each new firmware release makes it operator-specific again. I'll get tired of bricking my phone!

But I get it.

I'm now using the MP3 player as a backup; the phone's my primary. I now understand the convenience. But this thread shall remain open in case others want to debate.

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Money doesn’t grow on trees so that I could buy the iPhone

You don’t say! I never got the memo!

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Note to mods: don’t close this thread.

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i have Creative Zen Neon MP3 player and Nokia N73. the sound quality of zen neon is better than n73.