Dedi servers inside Pakistan?

Is there any one providing dedicated servers inside Pakistan with decent hardware?

Looking for something along these lines:


CPUs: 6+

HD: 500GB+

BW: 5TB+/month

Price Range: not sure what is the market rate.

Thanks in advance.

pakistan main electricty ka itna prob hai net speed ka itna problem hai dedicated server kya khak chalna hai.

Ptcl providing co location service. But their rates are high. Check their site.

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I searched for one and the close i got was an Indian company providing VPS from India, but due to some issues the ping from Pakistan to India was over 400 ms. Anyway PTCL is providing cloud services but it is way too expensive. Your best bet would be Ramnode etc.

I think I have stumbled upon PTCL's cloud in the past, didn't get any reply to my query from

What is the next best thing? Do you know of any providers in Europe that have peering to Pakistan? Europe has pretty good prices, not sure about latency.


Thanks for sharing Ramnode but 400ms is a lot and they seem like a reseller (typical whmcs setup) I doubt they would have physical servers inside India.

Well said.