Decent place to buy used lcd tv's

anyone know of a decent place to buy used lcd tv's?


also if you could tell where good used LCD Monitors can be found that will be awesome

Try online marketplace sites like Olx. Somebody might be selling theirs.

Techno City (Opp. UNI Plaza, I.I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi)

Regal, Saddar, Karachi.

Both of these places have hundreds, if not thousands

of LCD monitors on sale. Median price 4K-10K.

I don't know about used LCD TVs. I know Glacier Electronics,

near Teen Talwar was trying to sell a year old Panasonic

Plasma 50" (not LCD), for about 90K some months ago.




Sheikh 'Roshan, Roshan' Chilli

thanks sheikh, i've been to techno plaza a bunch of times but haven't found an appropriate lcd in a decent condition yet. can you give me directions to glacier electronics? is it in the motta's commercial area?

Whats your budget?

Also why not try here

@ abdulsami:

You can try Galaxy's slightly used, or used section

and see if there is anything in there, that strikes

your fancy.




Sheikh 'Muqaddar Ka Sikander' Chilli

Those are LCD monitors, not LCD TVs.

BTW why not consider these LCDTVs (Top to bottom)

these sites deal this kind of work,mean sale and purchase vist this

@Archimedes, you turn left at teen talwar, its on Chartered Accountants avenue, opposite the Nobel TV Display Center.