Deadalic to launch Silent Night by 2015, a free PC mini-game

NEW YORK: Daedalic is presenting a little PC mini-game known as Silent Night. It can be downloaded free of cost.
It features two characters having a snow fight with a never-ending wave of enemies.
In this free download, the goal is simply to knock down as many opponents as possible, before they run over the two characters in the foreground. As scores stack up, waves will come in faster.
There are also birds flying overhead that can be pelted for extra points. It might be a bit tricky to aim, as the kids in the front don’t have a pitcher’s arm.
Daedalic stresses that Silent Night is not representative of what Silence will become.
Silence is the publisher’s first reach outside of its comfortable home of PC titles. Moreover, the adventure switches the drawn art style of old for new 3D visuals. It uses some clever camera angles and design tricks to build 2D illustrations into a universe with more depth.
Daedalic has also announced Blackguards 2, to extend its reach beyond the normal puzzle style. This sequel provides the company with another dark role-playing game (RPG) with turn-based strategy combat. Silence will be out in early 2015. Until then, have a silent night tonight.