Dead PTCL line with Broad Band ON

My PTCL telephone is dead (no dial tone), but broadband internet is working through MODEM. It was working fine since last month, but on Friday PTCL phone got dead. (DSL spliter is correctly installed as well, as it was working since last month).

I want to know, technically, how is it possible that DSL is working but phone line is dead? ??

I even plugged directly the main phone line (without spliter) to telephone set but no dial tone.

Yes, DSL can work on a dead tone line :P

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Yes, DSL can work on a dead tone line :P

yup! it happens quite often back then…and DSL even works if ur fone is disconnected due to non-payment…lyk fone will work 1month after disconnection and DSL stops working a month after tht…!

yes Dsl work on dead ptcl line

yes telephone has different jumpers from DSL thats why dsl will run while line is dead, just contact ur area lineman

Some things only happens in pakistan and that one is happens with you lucky

It happening with me from last two days