DDR2 RAM in 'WEIRD' slot?

If one has bought a new computer with DDR2 RAM and one had already DDR1 RAM..So is there any solution to solving this problem..As the slots for both the categories of RAM are different,how can we interchange????

You can't...DDR2 is not backwards compatible with DDR1 (thats why they have different notches)...

Unless you have a motherboard that has a separate DDR1 slot, and another separate DDR2 slot, you can't use your DDR1 RAM with your new system...

So sell you DDR1 RAM, throw in some extra cash and get another DDR2 stick...

there is a pin difference..thats why it seems impossible!!!


Sell the old sticks and get new ones.

^yup DDR2 is cheaper anyways

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Sell the old sticks and get new ones.

Best and easiest solution. You don’t want to be messing with RAM much. :P


but I was thinking if something could be done!!!

On a side note, there was a time initially when DDR2 to DDR1 adapters were available .. but not now..

to put it simply as others have repeatedly said:

"You Cannot Put DDR2 in DDR1 Slot -OR- You Cannot put DDR1 in DDR2 Slot"

Why? Not just because of the pins different. The different numbers of pins are there so retards don't put DDR2 in DDR1's Slot. The difference is the standard they work on. DDR2 Standard works on lower Voltage, Higher Frequency and has entirely different RAM Chips that are based on entirely different Fab Process.

Hope you understand :>

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