DC Inverter AC's are a hoax. Dont buy them

With the arrival of summer, the hype and false advertisement about DC Inverter ac's is reaching insane level. Some are claiming 60% savings and some 50% savings. This all is a hoax, Bull-shyte, cow dung or whatever you wana call it. They don't provide 60% savings nor are 60% energy efficient. Just buy a regular AC and save yourself 30 or 35 000 rupees. A simple comparison reveals everything for a layman > regular AC on Haier website consumes 1600watts where as DC inverter ac consumes 1490 watts.

110watts savings is not 60% or 50%. Its just another way to fool illiterate people in this country.

http://www.haier.com/pk/products/air_conditioner/dc-inverter/hsu-18hze-r2-db.shtml < DC interver power consumption

http://www.haier.com/pk/products/air_conditioner/wall_mounted/hsu-18lk-e10bl.shtml < Regular AC Power consumption


actually it saves money depending on USAGE. If you use AC continuously for like 16 hrs then YES DC inverter ac can save you some money.(not sure how much though)

The difference occurs on REBOOT of AC after room temperature DROP or REACHED TO SET.

just listing comparison of haier branded noDC and DC ac isnt a suitable comparison. there are many other brands which are extremely power efficient and much better than conventional split in deep cooling. inverter AC have a lot of advantages, otherwise one of the most eco centric tech country like japan would not have stopped conventional split manufacturing alltogether, they only use DC ACs.

there are many threads before this in forum where i have explained in detail in what aspects (not all) is DC better than normal ac.. please search them out, you will find plenty of actual statistics and user experiences.

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I fail to find any other use of it apart from the fact that it can be used on a heavy UPS, not really a benefit for an average person like me and it only gives financial benefits after 16 hrs plus of running or continuous running. Even then difference in monthly bill won't be enough to justify the initial cost and cash back would be spread around 2 years minimum. If there are 5 more benefits, then please state so because i FAIL to find them anywhere.

I am yet to hear abt one more amazing use of it apart from the fact that it saves money once you run ac 24 hours a day, even when you don't need it. My conventional haier AC trips for 20 minutes in 1 hour at 25 C. I dont see how this DC ac will save me any reasonable amount of money to justify me spending extra 30 thousand for it.

inspite of the savings it has many other advantages as well

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inspite of the savings it has many other advantages as well


Why dont you share these unknown hidden advantages with all of us??? Why everyone keeps saying ‘alot of advantages’ but NEVER states one lol. Im interested in knowing mate

thousands of threads in universal forums exist on this topic, including many in this forum.. a simple google or a forum search will reveal all on this already discussed to death topic..

PS: your issue with DC inverter begins and ends with your own quote

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not really a benefit for an average person like me


Inverter AC power consumption