Dawlence Vs Waves deep freezer?

I am looking to buy deep freezer. However, I am confused about which company to go with, between Waves and Dawlence.

Suggestions are welcomed.

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Check which company produces the deep freezer locally and which just imports and re-badges the appliance.

Buy the locally produced one which will probably support its appliance far longer than the importer who probably changes its disposable models every few months.

If both just import and sell, choose the lesser of both evils.

I have used Waves 12 cft freezers for over 35 years with only two parts changed: fan on one after about 12 years and compressor on the other one after about 20 years. Your luck may vary, but I am satisfied with them.

I am using dawlance from many years alhamdulilah but if you are going for new than i think it doesn’t matter as both are good companies