Data Extraction made Easy with REHMAT ALAM


If you are looking for an easy system to copy and paste your Call Center Leads, Just provide me the website from where you poeple copy and paste data to Excel.

I can easily extract the leads for you in just just 1 hour or more depending on the conditions of the website so as to bypass the restriction.

If you require one click solution for your call centers and time savy solution please contact me at


please visit

hahaha no offense bro but generating Call Center Leads is the real pain in a55 task ,i think you are somehow interested to learn and know sites from where you can get Call Center Leads , everybody can do copy/paste task :)

Dear Xainnadeem,

He is not going to copy/paste. He can get thousands of leads in matter of hours by web automation system. And it's not just about extracting data from any web source, like phone directory, articles, images etc. but anything can be automated as long as it can be done within a browser except captcha.

If you are interested, I think he can also give you a sample project for free.

Thank you.

I agree with sohahm, I am not just going to copy paste anything , I can easily make it happen , just give me a project i will let you know and give you the extracted leads for sure.

Thank you

My number is