Data error (cyclic redundancy check)

hi guys

today i was downloading an HD movie size 8gb but when some of the downloading is done i got this error Data error (cyclic redundancy check) on uTorrent client. i try to donwload the same file 2 times. but again same error after downloading 1st it was downloaded for 3 gb then 1.5gb and after that i got this error i dont know whats the problem? is this the file got this problem or some thing at my side? i have win 7 ultimate...


well, it could be either... you should check the comments related to that torrent on the site from which your dloading the torrent if the torrent data is faulty then every other downloader should face the same problem which is very unlikely IMO.

The fault lies probably at your ends. So how old/used is your HDD?

my hdd is not much older i think i am using it for almost 2 years now and this is the 1st file that i got error on and on the torrents post there are only comments includes thanks and hows the quality.. blah blah blah... etc ... but i will try to download a smaller size file to see whats the problem if i get the same problem while downloading smaller size movie or not...

Update: Just Finish Downloading A Movie 1CDRip In uTorrent So Got No Problem Downloading A 700MB Size FiLe. So Is mY HDD Is oKay ?