Daraz.pk counterfeit scam

I recently bought a 64GV EVO SD card from Daraz.pk (https://www.daraz.pk/samsung-class-10-evo-micro-sd-card-64gb-orange-samsung-mpg56420.html ) After putting it in my phone, some images didn’t save. I tested it on PC and it shows it’s a fake On the SD card it says made on Taiwan (according to Google this means it’s a fake).

I threw away the packaging. Daraz.pk are refusing to issue a refund. What should I do?

Notify Daraz that this is counterfeit product. If that product is being sold officially in Pakistan, notify the distributors and parent company of that brand about Daraz and its vendors selling counterfeit items.

I already told daraz this is a counterfeit product. They said too bad.

I will let Samsung know. Thanks.

Selling counterfeits is a criminal offense. It’s a shame that a big company like daraz can get away with it.

Daraz is just the selling platform/marketplace. It is the vendor selling counterfiet products, either knowingly or unknowingly. Daraz will surely have legally questionable disclaimers in this regard to protect itself. They will remove the vendor at most, but I doubt they will do anything else.