Daikin A/C -1.5 Ton - A Review

In one word AweiN.

Compared to the Mitsubishi VD18, It’s build is
bachouN ka khilona. Lightweight, low grade
plastic. Everything is ready to break in your hand
even when you are just cleaning the filters.

It’s cooling is worse than our 10 year old Mitsubishi.
What Daikin does at 24C, the old Mitsubishi does
At 26C, if not better.

It’s air vents can only go up and down. No side-
to-side functionality. No compressor light in the
indoor unit. At 60K, twice what we paid for the
Mitsubishi, it is a joke. Let’s see how long it
continues to work. It’s drain pipe has clogged
and choked-up twice in 2 months that it has been
up, because it is tiny.

Too bad there wasn’t anything more solid available
In the market: “Sir, Mitsubishi kou bhoole jaieN! ab
koi branded bhee uss k muqabilay ka nahi hai market
meiN. Sub aik-aik Dou-Dou saal chalnay waley haiN”.

Sheik ’ Dis-A-POINTED!’ Chilli

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I thought Daikin was good but my Daikin reference point are 1-1.5 decade old ACs installed here and there.

window ac (with American compressor) zindabad, unit ACs are for ladies

I second that, Does Window AC consume higher electricity than Split AC?

Manufacturers these days are focusing quantity over quality these days. Haeir, Mitsubishi, Kenwood… all are using poor quality plastic, copper tubing in indoor which results in gas leakage and shorter AC lifespan

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Yes. AFAIK, their consumption is higher.

It’s called building to a price. Nearly every company is doing it by importing rebranded Chinese units.