Cyclone in Arabian Sea

How prepared are we?

I have an umbrella, a chadda, three cans of frozen Nihari, and a gun with plenty o'bullets....

A gun with bullets, hmmm...good idea, deffury. Will need that for the inevitable 46 or more hours electricity shutdown.

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Steps have been taken to strictly follow the restrictions imposed on sea bathing. Met department has advised fishermen not to venture in to the sea from Thursday to Saurday.

Authorities have issued the orders to all departments due to expected storm to remain alert. District and civilian governments are also advised to make sure their rescue and rehabilitation activities.


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I have an umbrella, a chadda, three cans of frozen Nihari, and a gun with plenty o’bullets…

LOL. Why a gun?? :D


Better edit before someone reads it :D

it's just 800 KM away..

Also get ready for 2012 guys.. lol :P

Well... I got my ultimate protection armor, my ultimate destruction weapons, my ultimate NOS equipped ulti-mobile car & alot of other such ultimate stuff... :P

storm .. YAAY!! :D

I just want the weather to be cool and pleasant, be it by a cyclone or whatever.

cyclones are cool

Is there any confirmation that this cyclone will increase rains in Pakistan. I heard it somewhere that it will increase rains. :/

^Yes you heard it right :)

Met department stated: The cyclone will bring widespread heavy rains and thunderstorms to the coasts of Karachi and Makran. Heavy rains and thunderstorms have commenced in some coastal areas of Pakistan.

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Karachi will be having heavy rains.People bring out your boats and get ready for it. ehhheee.

Lets pray that we are not hit by it. Heavy rains with winds will be very devastating.

Does anyone remember the really baad storm in 2007 ?

When loads of people died cuz of the BillBoards/Hoardings ?

^Yes. I read in newspaper today that Sindh Govt has ordered for removal of Billboards because of the Storm?

@ nab : Yeah, i heard same on Radio.