Cybernet dsl

the local wah cantt exchange told me that cybernet is installing broadband equipments to start service soon. i want to know if cybernet is currently running its dsl in some part of pakistan and what its performance is, specially speed

Been on CyberDSL since October. I have not experienced any downtime at all and I always get 28KB/s on my 256K. The downside? Its expensive.

512k for 3900 that what their rep told me.i think i should wait for ptcl

Why Cybernet is going down.. i mean no new package? once upon a time Cybernet was KING in ISP's but why not now ? : (

Yeah i also used Cyber DSL a year back. Was using 256K unlimited for 2500 which at that time was a competitive price. The problem was these packages were never advertised properly nor was their site updated. Here i was using 256K unlimietd for 2500 and on their website it was stating 2500rs 2gb limit for like 2000rs something like that.

man does any buddy know cybers new packages????

i heard its service is very stable and relieble

please comment