Cybernet dead in the water?

i remember back in the of dialup, cybernet was like the ferrari of isps. service was consistently brilliant, excellent customer support, the prices were considerably higher but worth the extra expense.

i think it was around rs45 an hour, anyways looking at cyber now, its pretty sad their dsl packages are horribly out of date with no signs of them making any changes. too bad, we could use the competition to drive the prices down.

anyways anyone know if they are ever going to revise their packages?

Cybernet is more interested in corporate sector. I have an acquaintance there who informed me that more than 70% of their revenues comes from corporate customers. Also, they have slowly transformed (maybe still in process) into a data service provider and internet service has now become a value added service to complement their data services.

yep and now they are more interested in Vsat according to my freind working in cyber net. and also according to him they might stop giving DSL to general public.

So, limited thier service to corporat. I have one dialup account with them but not using dialup and according to helpline my email address with remain as long as I have balance in my account whether I use or not. Is this true?