Cyber Crime in pakistan - Apniisp & Funmaza is next

Cyber Crime in pakistan - Apniisp & Funmaza is next

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Fire Records Belongs to Geo and they are only reacting for Pakistani songs ...

Oh man !! This is third time happening me that whenever i am going to Murree shoxee post this kind of thread every time. What a coincidence :)

Well its a great step that they're playing their roles now as recently Sabro company also got raid for using pirated windows.

Where would stand if it were put to trial for copyright infringement?

zemtv doesnt violate FIRE RECORDS !

^ ^^ lol

why they don't mess with ? ... I think its only matter that violate with Fire Records

Will free pakistani music becomes a story of past and we have to buy songs?

i don't think so .. The piracy cannot end that easy !! the huge bollywood film industry cannot do any thing against piracy then what is Fire Records !! .. the full fledge indian movies are still available on many websites