Customs duty on mobile phones - only 250 Rs per set?

As per FBR's customs tariff, the new duty on the import of cell phones is 250 rs/set.


Is that it? No matter how expensive a set is? No extra charges or taxes?

Anyone care to share his experience?

I dont get the logic behind this ??

Anyone care to explain?

Its true.. It used to be 500 rs but seeing the link provided i see dat its now 250. But many ppl dnt know dis and da bloodsucking customs on da airport just have it their way.They make it sound as if you r doing da biggest crime of all time and then they bag a LOT more in da form of a bribe. Dats da welcome you get wen u cum back to your country :) .

As far as i understand, its for a personal phone which you carry with you and not for people who are bringing quantity to resell, but I really wonder why even Rs. 250/-, check laptop in the list its 0.00, so it should be with mobile phones.

There is no custom on personal phones, that would be just stupid.