Custom duty on watches?

Hello i want to buy some watches for my personal use from aliexpress prices 20usd can someone tel me is watches allowed ? and what will be custom duty and other charges?

i think 20kg tak no custom charges

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i think 20kg tak no custom charges


if i remember correctly it is 1 or 10 kg, i am sure its not 20kg though.

Anything packed in a box, you can bet will be charged (a very small amount though), if not for duty, then for re-packaging. If the seller sends them only bubble-wrapped (or in a soft packaging) and marks the item as gift, then it may come free of duty.

Seller marked my item as gift any benefit for that?

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Seller marked my item as gift any benefit for that?


gift sometime get free pass from customs.

but don't be foolish and put a gift label on 100 kg worth of stuff.

gift will be watch not watches and those custom officers don't swallow brads through noses & ears

I have never ordered a watch, but aliexpress (single items) gets through without any issues, just last week i have received around 5-6 packages. Make sure it weighs less.

I dont know what people are on about 1KG or 10KG maybe i missed something, Pakistan has no minimum limit on customs therefore virtually no item is exempt from customs that is coming from overseas.

Well my watch weight is just 150grams. only and price 18usd only.

then you are good to go.

i think the limit is 3 watches for gift purpose.. not sure but thats AFAIR..

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Actually, i don’t have much information about custom duties on import. Anyways, i think it should not too much as you just have to import only a watch. Custom duties normally disturbe those person who want to import products in bulk or at least costly products. But your product is not much too costly and also not in buld so i don’t think so there is much custom duties on it. Anyways, this is also the fact that i have never used aliexpress for importing so don’t have much info about it. I normally use local persons for this purpose. Last time i have purchased online watch from rafiqsonsonline(.)com these guys have 2-3 outlets in lahore as well as also working since 1996. In simple words, you can say that these are the trusted guys for watches. Thanks