CS 101: Building a Search Engine (FREE)

After some of Stanford's faculty members offered a few online free course offerings recently (not accredited by Stanford, but you got an unofficial certificate by the instructors), a couple of those instructors have launched a new company by the name of Udacity. Still very new and their business model is still being developed as they are likely to be a for-profit venture.

(Can read more @ Massive Courses, Sans Stanford)

Back to udacity (http://www.udacity.com), currently they are offering 2 free courses.


Description: This class will give you an introduction to computing. In seven weeks, you will build your own search engine complete with a web crawler and way of ranking popular pages. You will understand some of the key concepts in computer science, and learn how to write your own computer programs. No previous background in programming is expected.


This class, taught by one of the foremost experts in AI, will teach you basic methods in Artificial Intelligence, including: probabilistic inference, computer vision, machine learning, and planning, all with a focus on robotics. Extensive programming examples and assignments will apply these methods in the context of building self-driving cars. You will get a chance to visit, via video, the leading research labs in the field, and meet the scientists and engineers who are building self-driving cars at Stanford and Google.

Prerequisites: The instructor will assume solid knowledge of programming, all programming will be in Python. Knowledge of probability and linear algebra will be helpful.

You can check out the FAQ for dates and other info. Not affiliated with Google/Stanford.

I have enrolled, lets see how it turns up.

Classes starts on 20 th Feb

Well building a search engine was my Semester project this year. Though it did not work as expected but it was decent enough to be awarded the best project. Anyways, thanks for sharing this stuff dude!

Really enjoyed Udacity's cs101 (Python).

Starting April 16, their new hexamester (7 weeks) starts. They will be re-offering cs101 and cs373 (programming a robotic car). In addition, they have many other exciting new courses by some very interesting teachers. You can register for FREE and learn more about the syllabi at www.udacity.com

cs212: Design of Computer Programs

Taught by Peter Norvig (Director of Research at Google and the author of this popular piece.)

Description: The key to progressing from a novice programmer to an expert is mindful practice. In this class you will practice going from a problem description to a solution, using a series of assignments. With each problem you will learn new concepts, patterns, and methods that will expand your ability and help move you along the path from novice towards expertise.

Prerequisites: This course assumes previous programming experience, comparable to what is covered by the Udacity CS101 course.

Intro video: http://youtu.be/6LSVPBgEl6w

cs253: Web Application Engineering

Taught by Steve Huffman (Co-founder of Reddit and Hipmunk)

Description: Web applications have the power to provide useful services to millions of people worldwide. In this class, you will learn how to build your own blog application starting from the basics of how the web works and how to set up a web application and process user input, to how to use databases, manage user accounts, interact with other web services, and make your application scale to support large numbers of users.

Prerequisites: This course assumes previous programming experience, comparable to what is covered by the Udacity CS101 course.

Intro video: http://youtu.be/CRYn30--PPk

Also Courses on Programming Languages and Cryptography (cs262 and cs387)