Crysis - yard stick? 22" LCD


i am deciding b/w some proper single card which shall not haunt me after a year or two. I have a 22" SamSung SyncMaster 2232 BW(1000:1 actual contrast ratio). Resolution is 1680 x 1050

Everything else is up to the mark.

I have these in my list:

GeForce PCX GTX 260 896MB (448-BITS) DDRIII [doesn't look that great vs HD4870]

Nvidia 9800GX2 (where do i find it? astonishing 44FPS at 22" display. Preference # 1)

ATI PCX 4870 512MB (256-BITS) DDR5 [i observed higher and faster RAMs make good use of large displays]

ATI PCX 4850 512MB (256-BITS) DDRIII [tells that just shys off below card in performance]

GeForce PCX 9800GTX PLUS 512MB 256BITS DDR3 [Over Clocking shall make it better]

Any suggestions? I shall just love to hear from you. I observed that when AA is on, Nvidia out performs ATI. Keeping in view the contrast ratio of my display, I shall prefer Nvidia. Moreover, should I wait for Crysis War Head and reviews of various cards on this game?

is something better expected in Pakistan soon?

Guess what? I was a fool that I purchased XFX 8600 GT rs.5800. This is just because i have currently 350 watt PSU with 16A on +12v rail. But off course, with new card shall come a new PSU

IMO if you look at galaxy rates then 4850 or 4870 are the the best options, (with 4850 giving best bang for buck), the nVidia cards are bit overpriced...

also check this thread:

its cam pics of Crysis with 4850 and 22 inch lcd...should give you a good idea of what to expect