CryEngine 2 vs. CryEngine 3

What do you think guys which is better CryEngine 2 or 3????

I think CryEngine 2 is better than 3... Its more powerful, it has more details than the 3rd version... The visual range of 2nd version is more than that of 3rd one...Water is much more dynamic... In CryEngine 2 every object on screen is blurred separately where as in CryEngine 3 only the screen is blurred not the object, when the motion blur is on... More importantly CryEngine 3 is for consoles...

just google for it and you will find Cryengine 3 movies on pc, btw why would they limit their engine for consoles only?

They made CryEngine 3 specifically for consoles so that the console graphics could match the graphix of PC version... As consoles have i think about 256 mb VideoRAM and Pc's can have 1 GB which is almost very common... The single image of a grass in the CryEngine 2 is in MB's... So a console cannot handle that much of data as PC's can do...

I don't think i understand you here, are you saying CryEngine 3 is console specific?

check the platform for cyrengine 3 here

So you think cryengine3 is inferior cuz the requirements for the game is low......lame!

Let the game Crysis2 release first, then discuss about it.