Crown Micro UPS for PS4

Hi all,

Has anyone used this UPS?
Please suggest a good sine wave ups for PS4. Just need it for short backup so I can easily power it off as there is lot of fluctuation in our area. or a better option which can be used later for a gaming pc with 500w PSU.


here is the link:


google the model SUA1000i … it makes 670 watts … works with 2 internal batteries

Thanks for reply.

What is its price and is it new or refurbished? Battery is no issue as it will be used just to shutdown gracefully so a single battery will also be fine.

What is the real problem which you are trying to address? Is issue intermittent power (load shedding) or fluctuating voltage level with continuous availability of power?

For former, use UPS, For latter, a stabilizer.

Asad bhai, its intermittent power (load shedding) issue. Light suddenly goes away and then sometimes is back in couple of minutes and sometimes in an hour almost.
Voltage fluctuation is not there and it remains from 220-230 almost.

APC, Emerson or Cyber low rating UPS should suffice.

Thanks, So you won’t recommend crown micro… APC is affordable only in used/refurb but that too needs reliable dealer.

Get checking warranty.

Ok will check for it… might also change my mind to go for one with bigger capacity to replace existing Desi ups :blush: