Crossover or Straight through cable?

Well i want to connect my router to my switch. Which cable do i use?

I actually want to do this:

1. Telephone wire connects to the Router/Modem.

2. One Lan wire from Router to my PC

3. Another Lan wire from my router to my switch

4. 3-4 different other PC's connected Via LAN on the switch.

Can someone tell me which cables would i need?

straight wire! PC-PC is cross over.

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straight wire! PC-PC is cross over.

All of them would be straight? What about the wire from Router to Switch?

All straight....Router-Switch..PC-Router, Switch-PC...and only PC-PC cross over.

Cross, straight doesn't matter these days. But they have to be perfect cross over or straight.

I am using cross cable modem to another PC... works fine.

^Would like top explain how it doesn't matter? I'm puzzled by your comment.

Because devices, lan cards can sense and adjust themselves.

:| You cannot connect to hub with a straight cable from PC, or a PC directly to another PC you'll always need cross cable, please do try it at home. Only Those devices with Automatic crossover configuration can detect which is only for Gigabit ethernet. And even in that it is optional feature.

Yup! Crossover can't work for PC to switch or Router...And Straight similarly can't work with PC to PC.

Well my cable is still cross cause I made it for PC to PC and now I am using it ptcl modem to PC and the modem is 100mbps so?

Like Mazahyr said is Cross won't work with PC to Switch, Router. You are using a modem to connect to it. They are both different things, modem and router.

Rules are simple for connecting different devices use straight through and for same devices use cross over.

In your scenario you need only a switch and connect all PCs and modem to the switch using straight thorough cable.