Critical Battery Actions : Windows 7

I am using Windows 7, and in the current power options, Low battery level is 10%, Critical is 7% and Reserve is also 7%, now my question is that in order to maximize battery performance and increase its life what levels should i set here? as i have heard from so many people that in order to increase battery life you must have to let the battery completely drain before charging it. Where as in my case windows hibernate my laptop when it reaches to 7%. should i set them all to 1% or 0%?

Go into the performance settings and change everything to battery saver. That's about all you can do on a Windows machine.

This is only a myth that "it is recommended that you completely drain before recharging".

While this was definitely the case 5-10 years ago when everything used NiCd batteries, lithium ion batteries do not have this issue so it would make no difference whether you completely drained or not.

CNET which published this myth, irnonically, WRONGLY (meaning they also stated that you SHOULD drain the battery completely) and the comments started poring in by geeks bashing the article (after which they edited the article to refer to only NiCd batteries).

Comments from article:

"I actually recently published a journal article on the recharging characteristics of lithium ion batteries. In fact, fully discharging the battery between cycles is exactly the WRONG thing to do. While harmful for nickel cadmium batteries, partial charging does not significantly impact the cycle time of a lithium ion battery. In fact, lithium ion batteries can degrade very quickly once they get below 3% capacity, and while most electronics are designed to shut down before they reach this level, in practice that doesn't always work. It is best not to let your battery drain completely if at all possible. And if you will be plugged in for a while -- half drain your battery and remove it. Being isolated from heat slows down the degradation by a lot while being half drained also slows down degradation (by a factor of 10, according to recent studies)."

"You'll actually harm lithium ions by repeatedly draining them to zero. The old NiCads were different and needed to be fully drained periodicaly."

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