Criminal Defense Lawyers, an ethical question?

What do you say to a client who admits guilt to the crime charged...furthermore, is there an ethical line that you must follow in his defense in court?

- In practice there are no ethics in Pakistan in any facet of life let alone law.

- Since your profile say that you are lawyer in US so you must be well aware.

1- anything your client tells you comes under "attorney client privilege" and you can't tell anybody else and you have to take it to your grave without telling any third person, and if you chose to disclose then you'll be barred for life to practice law in US.

2- and you must be well aware in US if you find out that if your client is guilty who you are defending and you think ethically and morally its not right for you to defend him/her then only thing you can do is stop being his lawyer due to conflict of interest but still you can never disclose that conflict of interest to any third party.

(you may find similar above two points in pakistani law text books only, but reality is totally opposite)