Cricket Worldcup Screening at Karachi

Hello Everybody

Me with some other my friends are planning to screen the worldcup group matches at the Hockey Ground, Khadda market, DHA. We will be covering the Group matches of Pakistan and the dates are schedules as

26th February, Saturday

8th March, Tuesday

19th March, Saturday

Dates for further Pakistan matches in the world cup have not been confirmed therefore they will be conveyed as soon as possible and would depend if Pakistan team advances into next round(s).

For the ground security we have talked to the Police and they will Inshallah agree to at-least give 10 armed policeman for the security.

The plans are not yet confirmed as we are discussing with many people on the arrangement. We might allow the restaurants around khadda market to sell there foods after maghrib and also we are in a talks with pepsi to give the drinks to the people coming.

Now there are few things that are important. The one is how we will broadcast the match ? The worldcall channel is around khadda market so we can probably use them but I don't know if its reliable enough.

Also as of now we have planned to sell the tickets for 250/= each with one free drinks during the match. To gather larger people we have planned to sell the tickets to the colleges and schools around the area.

The sole purpose of the broadcasting is to bring the people together to portray the spirit of the patriotism and have something to cheer about in a peaceful and healthy manner.

Please do share your thoughts on the plans and If you can help or give some ideas to achieve the target as also we do not want our investment to be drowned. We are in talks with sponsors but I think we will have to pay the fee to the ground management from our pockets, which is expensive and unless more then 500 people come we are going to cover our expenses.

Thank you. I will let others know how the things went. and If the program is finalized. :)

You sure that police will give you 10 constables?

And what about gender? Only males will be allowed or you will also be open for females.

What size of screen will it be?

In case of load shedding you will be having any alternate power source or not?

Will there be any chairs or not?

Any dhol dhamakka?

Any celebrity?

Media will show your gathering?

What if some people tried to spoil the show? Will there be any boxer type people available to tacjke the situation?


This is a great idea i reckon. There is already a screening in Zamzama ground i've heard. Btw 250/- is just too much.. make it 100 i reckon.

^ Yeah we have in written that police will provide 10 people on the dated venues !!

Well we are planning to allow both, Families and males only !!! they both will have different sitting arrangements. Plus there will be a big screen connected with projector but due to the low quality produced with projectors we have a diffrent plan too ready to put 3 to 4 LCD's so everybody can watch the match !!! There will be limited chairs only for the family !! The ground has chairs also which are enough.

The dhol people are also there who can do the dhol dhamaka if Pakistan hits a six :P

No celibrity as of yet !! we are not doing this on a larger scale :)

I do not know about the media but if any reported wants to come up there are no issues :)

And finally no one can spoil the show. THe first preference is security and for that we have armed policemans plus the grounds gaurds plus others members who will contribute :)

Zazzyo I have confirmed, There is no screening taking place in zamzama !! The DHA people will probably never allow. Also the 250 is reasonable enough man. There are other place at every other corner who are providing the same screening but you don't go there because of the crowd and the way they manage. WE WILL inshallah provide the atmosphere where a person can enjoy the match plus he will come again.

i like your idea so much and i hope we all will enjoy the Pakistan Matches with this forum and it is good for all of us . Cricket is always a funny and amazing game for all of us and i hope this time Pakistan Cricket Team will win the 10th ICC Cricket World cup 2011 Easily

Thanks for the wishes Hira :)

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i like your idea so much and i hope we all will enjoy the Pakistan Matches with this forum and it is good for all of us . Cricket is always a funny and amazing game for all of us and i hope this time Pakistan Cricket Team will win the 10th ICC Cricket World cup 2011 Easily


Australia Indian South Africa are not playing in WC 2011?

don’t you remember in last WC Pakistan lost matches against Ireland?

So it turns out it is happening!

are you allowing any advertisements?

since i have heard there have been crowds of people enjoying at the hockey stadium..

So who was present at that football stadium for the Fifa 2010 final? So much hype about it, such a disappointment to reach there and see their big ass screen (it was really big, perhaps 20x16 feet) with a resolution of 200x100. When i reached the stadium I saw thousands of people leaving, I thought they might not be letting people in anymore, went in, saw the screen then came out instantly. Had to watch the game in dunkin donuts near teen talwar.

If anyone else was present please share your story of that night.

Also not trying to hijack thread, this thread made me remember that night.

^ Ask anybody who came to watch match at Khadda Market :)

@ Ally

Dude we have already sponsors, Can not let any other banner right now.