Creative Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit PCI 7.1 Sound ( only for karachi )

okay ..... Creative Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit PCI 7.1 Sound Card (model sb0410) for 800 rs final

and for Creative Audigy 2 ZS (model sb0350) 1950 rs final

actually all these cards bought from dubai 2 years ago...and now i have time for sell these items

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okay … Creative Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit PCI 7.1 Sound Card (model sb0410) for 800 rs final

Thats 800 for everyone else, whats your final demand for me?

ummm pmd u

ultimate what happen brother atleast pm ka reply to kar dia karo ..

I cant decide, i have two offers, one from you & the other from a friend, he is selling me a 5.1 Creative sound card for 450...

but i think mine is better one......... ok u take ur time btw what's ur freind's card model

^ Creative Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 PCI Sound Card SB0200

umm thanks for telling me ...yeh card itna ka hi hai 450 to 500 rs...but trust me mine is much better than this u can ask from pkforum's super moderator Mr kashif also u can ask mr zank,mr farrukh from pakwheels ....they r my current customers and all r comptely satisfied..

Thank you to everyone who showed interest.....The item has been sold now...!

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Congrats! :D


the item again available for sell (i have in bulk quantity)

if you want more detail plz see link below thanks

One card sold to PG member and one card sold to another person other card remaining


I had a new stock and every card's Condition almost 10/10 (Brand new Condition) in new Stock..But its cost to me a lit bit highSo thats why i increase prise a lit bit..Hope Buyers understand Thanx

New prise is 900 Rs without Shipment Charges

well one Live 24-bit sold to Sufyan..i have Limited my stock

another card sold to farooq

@ ALL i have a good news for you i am offering for Limited time special discount prise now you can get this card for just Rs 650

PS: People are going to think I am crazy for offering this at such a low ... I am acting fast because I know the price is for a Limited Time Only

one card reserve for Mirza ! remember its a limited time offer

well i have "Audigy 2" for sell its 6.1 channel sound card i am asking final 700 Rs for it