Craiglist Accounts

How I get USA based Account, If anyone know then plz tell me

I want USA based account for Maketing. Plz share your knowledge if You know about this

once i tried but failed. If one knows, i don't think he will share. It is business. You can find craigslist poster on freelancer sites.

I registered by calling them from my number. You cant use Skype or gtalk phone # to register !

I called from my mobile number.

P.S I am located in Canada

They have changed their algorithms now you cant post your listening on different cities so need a good solution.

ok, any Other webSites like craiglist

there are websites like craiglist, for example kijiji but some has to be there in Ca to post ad on this website... all good websites have such kind of conditions...

Kijiji has a very good response rate too !

I think you should try backpages and kijiji for posting.

yes kijiji have a good response too

even backpages and kijiji would not allow you to post ad from outside Canada or USA. . you can get Canada verified email address to post ads from Pak..

I post on Kijiji without any problem. Though I am residing here but in that case, you can use proxy

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I post on Kijiji without any problem. Though I am residing here but in that case, you can use proxy

can you please tell which proxy you used ? i tried so many but none of them work for me… like entransporter … i guess.


I live in Canada :)

I dont use Proxy. I just say you should use it..

^oh.... that is why you are enjoying those benefits... :) but proxy don't work anymore for such websites.... :(

OH. :)

BTW, what add do you wanted to post ?

I can post them for you !

I have mailed you by using email form... thanks

Enjoy :)

what is this ? same topic repeated again and again,

Plz come to the point and tell me how i get craigslist usa based account

if anyone live in canada or usa

can make me some accounts

^ to create account on craiglist phone verification required, no one i think can do this for some one :)

It requires a new phone #. If you pay around 15$ I will get a new # and register one for you

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