Cpmaring Suzuki Mehran with Khyber

Dear all,

I want to buy a used car and my budget is upto PKR 225,000. I have been told that i can have Suzuki mehran (upto 2000 model) or Khyber 92-94 in this range with all neccessary repair and maintenance after buying.

now i am confused inbetween both the cars as both of them have few advamtages. (like Khyber is 1000cc, having shocks, mpre spaciuos, better drive, better grip. but on the other hand it has costly parts&maintenance, parts availablity with relatively less ease, and less re-sale)

please help me being on a decision.

Mehran just have an advantage of being new car. ELse Khyber is pretty cool. I have kept both and Khyber is much better

I would suggest you go for Khyber in case you plan to have more than three people in your on a regular basis and also use it for long trips, such as from Karachi to Hyderabad. Khyber is a much stronger car as compared to Mehran. Mehran is recommended if you plan on using it for yourself only and for short visits inside the city.

i suggest you don't go for both your budget is pretty good with this you can buy any used datsun 120y, corolla old , or datsun 100a within around 150000 and rest of your budget spend on it to overhaul engine and some other maintenance these cars has Rear Suspensions of metal belts which are much stronger than shock observer system and you can carry around 8 people in car anywhere

i personally owns a datsun 120y

this is not mine but for showing you

just have a look


also try to find cressida 1980 it has small 6 cylinder engine and it looks like Bentley

Well broz, thanks for your quick responce. i have seen datsun as my cousin owned this car few years ago. but the problem is that i suppose parts of khyber or mehran are very much easily available than datsun or corrolla. i personally like khyber and want to buy it.

here is the scnario.

the car will be used within city or short trips like LHR to Gujranwala etc. mostly for 3 people.

the most thing i want, is relaibale and cheap parts and maintenance with easy availability. whereas in datsun or corolla, maintenance in the long run is difficult and costly.

please advise one of khyber or mehran depending on following,

1) low cost and easily available parts

2) daily consumption (on CNG)

3) Resale

Mehran is good from the point of resale whereas Khyber resale isn't good.Keep this thing in your brain.Some shoki will buy khyber from you in future.Khyber is a comfortable car but I'll advise you to by Mehran.

Pay attention to comfort and strength first before the resale. Mehran is a pathetic Car. Khyber is very spacious and solid!

thanks koder. :)

@abdulsami.. sir i know this thing. but i want to compare running costs (parts, service, easy availability of parts, fuel consumption etc) for both the cars. is parts of khyber are available with that much ease as i can find for mehran? khyber is an older thing and parts availability may be a problem?

please khyber owners./...???


Buy a suzuki fx for under a lac with cng or w/o.. its the size of mehran.. get it nicely gloss painted and seated.. and tada u have a nice car for less than a lac or so... great car, strong built and requires the least parking space..with parts readily available even at dhabbas..

Or get two suzki fx of diff colours.. matching ur dress shirt everday.. :D

Nd if someone burns up your car in a city like karachi.. you won't have a heart attack :)

To the comment below: Lolz and fx is like desi chicken :D

rythems:Khyber parts availability is another issue.Khyber stopped coming after '99 '98(special edition).The parts would be expensive too I guess :| .. dude khyber is comfortable car but resale is not good... in short Mehran is "Bara Ghoosht" and Khyber is "Chota Ghosth" ehhhe.You won't be having any problems when selling off your mehran but you will cry if it comes on selling Khyber.

@Zazzyo... yeah FX is a better option. but my dad doesnt like that car. and i know after getting it repaired, with all necessary works done, it will cost me not more than 150K. but i want something better than fx now... :S btw, nice jokes wrt to FX color, my shirt and car burn. :)

@koder.. yes. this is the thing i am searching for. but i am told that part price is not much different for mehran or khyber. 19-20 ka faraq hota hey bas.... :S

why you stick with the suzuki ?? try to look up some daihatsu models like sirion charade etc


^ Spare parts store

Online stores

auto scrapers


yes. exactly this is why i am sticking to suzuki. i know even if i purchase a suzuki FX, i will find its parts easily. but finding parts for old corolla, datsun, charade etc is a hectic job.

Suzuki FX is the favorite car of TX wala's in PINDI/ISL! They simply love it.. & IMHO its more perfect than by Mehran and Khyber :D

Suzuki FX is most smallest car in Pakistan beside Cherry QQ