CPC effects in Start of 2014. (Low CPC ever)

Hi All!

I am enjoying google adsense services since 5 years, It gave me a lot from day one and some times It hearts me. So I have seen ups and downs during the voyage. Now from 1st January, 2014 I am experiencing very low CPC as before , CTR , Analytics, CTR are same even they are looking increasing but CPC is much down from day one of this year.

I got worried first having feel of real Pakistan as google did the damage during 2012 and 13 :). So I search over the web what are causes of that low CPC during this year. I got many answers with even more variations. Then I started a google webmaster thread on it and got valuable answers.

Google webmaster thread :https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!msg/adsense/GPU_hxV2b3k/WtwGf8wxDk4J

Some of experts believe that all the advertisers have spent all in good thankings days, Christmiss holidays and I january they have nothing spare to spend of advertising like stuff thats why they keep quite in Adwords campaings. Some of those said advertisers plan their earnings and sales in start of the year thats why CPC is very low. And some experts speak differently..

Anyways for publishers ! these two months so far are very bad for Adsense lovers and I'm one of them...

currently I have very low CPC as .03 $ and that is enough to make a luagh on my earnings :)

What is your experience and next expectations ?