Could you suggest an ISP for Korangi Sector 15?

Looking for a fast and reliable ISP for my office in Sector 15, Korangi Karachi

1. Need a static IP

2. Must be very reliable. Phone lines are terrible in the area. Lines cut/damaged way too often.

3. Would like atleast 2MB CIR.

Any suggestion would be welcome.

I think KO have shared his experience about ISPs and internet connectivity options in Korangi and their reliability

Using PTCL DSL and Mobilink Infinity in Sector 15.

PTCL is working fine. Not sure about static IP, but they should be able to give you one.

Mobilink is Wimax, which is always going to be slower than a wire, so taking that into account it's decent.

I recommend having DSL as your main connection and Wimax as a backup.