Could future IPv6 Networks Revolutionize the Industry ? IPv6 Technology Predictions!

Could future IPv6 Networks Revolutionize the Industry ? IPv6 Technology Predictions !

We can sniff already there are many market segments which can get obsolete and may lose business with the adoption of Ipv6 in future.

But interestingly, yet at the same time, we can also sense there could be immense amount of new opportunities and new requirements which can come out eventually due to this new transition too.

So the question is could IPv6 revolutionize the industry ?

If so, here are few reasons how it is possible:

VPN (Virtual Private Networks) Technology:

As we know and we use VPN to extend the office LAN and connect this local LAN with various branch office LAN networks. VPN Technology allows us to make use of the cheaper platform such as internet and create a virtual IP based tunnels on top of it. But in the case of IPv6 there is already an immense amount of address space available. Which means with no explicit VPN Technology, we can still form global machine-to-machine direct connections without any need of VPN tunnels. On top of it, the current VPN tunnels are often has its limitations such as overheads of encryption of packets, conversion of private IP space packets to public IP space and so on. But with the new Ipv6 based networks, there may be a possibility that we may no longer need VPN Technology.

NAT (Network Address Translation):

NAT is more of a boon and curse. As we know NAT allows us to share many private IP-subnet local machines in a LAN to access Internet via one or few Internet links available at home and or office. But now in many SOHO and Home installations users can get as an option additional free or paid Ipv6 public addresses as a part of their subscriptions. Even it can be the case for a large corporate too. Traditional NAT is a small temporary solution to deal with the obvious problem of limited Ipv4 address space. NAT has always been associated with huge performance issues, and the limitations when it comes to a huge corporate deployment. Hence with the new Ipv6 networks, is this going to be the end of NAT Technology ?

So the verdict is IPv6 is going to dispose some existing technologies, they will become obsolete. Instead IPv6 will improve the overall internet experience, new future Internet TV, Internet Radio experiences, VOIP and other Streaming services and traffic tremendously !

IPv6 Transition:

The IPv6 transition is expected to happen gradually. But this is going to be very significant however. This will happen just the way when people started replacing the Analog TVs with Cable TV services, and now via Satellite TV services. Or in other words it was just six to seven years back when we used to have mobile phones with 7-segment LCD backlit screens, then came the mono-chrome matrix LCD displays, and after that color screens, now the revolution is in smart phones, social networking, mobile applications, streaming services on mobile phones, high-speed internet and so on. In this similar fashion IPv6 transition is going to be eventually A GIANT LEAP forward waiting to happen !

These are just my predictions about IPv6 technology, if you enjoy and find these predictions and views useful, share it with your friends, also kindly post your comments below.

Thank you, Cheers, Kiran.

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