Cost of electricity produced by UPS?

Battery used with ups is just a charge accumulator, it stores the electricity when wapda's light is coming and during power outage it provides the accumulated electricity to ups which converts it to 220 volts AC.

I want to know, and others would also be interested in it, what is the price of one unit of electricity thus obtained (only the running charges, ignoring the initial investment on ups and battery).

A petrol generator of Honda of 1.3 kVA produces electricity @ Rs. 65-70 per unit (approx).


Generator Model: EP1800C

Rated Output 1.3 kVA

Consumption 0.97 litre / hour

any one please???

Battery capacity (of charge stored) is measures in Ampere Hours (Ah). Simply put, it tells you how much power (Amperes) the battery can deliver in a given time (hour).

Wikipedia Definition:

An ampere-hour (abbreviated as Ah or A-h is a unit of electric charge. One ampere-hour is equal to 3600 coulombs (ampere-seconds), and is the amount of electric charge transferred by a steady current of one ampere for one hour.

One unit of electricity (as one you are billed by KESC/WAPDA) is based on Watts consumed per Hour. So you can't really make an apple to apple comparison here.

What you can do is calculate how much units of normal electricity are consumed to charge the battery in a given amount of time (say one hour to keep it simple) and take that as a yard stick to calculate the per unit cost.