Corrupt Govt. of Pakistan stealing USF/R&D funds

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They want to take funds being spent on technology development, R&D and spreading telecommunication facilities to far flung areas of Pakistan and give it all to good-for-nothing free-loaders benefiting from the Benazir Income Support Program. :rolleyes:

Although the move is bad but I don't give any credit to this USF.

Five years passed but these cheaters have not yet entertained our requests. Don't know where the hell are they spending this huge amount in billions. In our city nothing is being spent to optimize the Fiber optic of PTCL.

They not even provided student paakage through their subzdized pakages via waten in our city.

UF management is corrupt as they don't listen to our cries.

So I am not happy with your USF. They are just story tellers atleast for our city.

let's hope judiciary gets some support to oust this gang of thieves

All this urdu hurts me, can someone link to a English post? or at least elaborate what is happening in their own words.