Core 2 duo or core2duo extreme ? which one is best for gaming?

ONE OF GUYS FFOM ADMIN said that my processor is a bottleneck.... in a reply to this....

(i have purchased ATIRADEON 5750 (512mb) graphic card a week ago, but the games on my pc are still choppy and slow. ihave 3gb ddr2 ram and intel DG33FB motherboard with 2.2 GHZ CORE2DUO PROCESSOR (E4200). I AM now looking forward to upgrade to ASUS P5QLD-CM motherboard with a 500 WATTS cooler master power supply. do you think this will solve the problem? i usually play games at max 1024*768 resoltuion but still they are slow. i think its due to the installation of a PCIe2.0 graphic card to a PCIe1.0 slot. i know they are backward compatible , but will the asus motherboard with PCIe2.0 will solve the games problem of running slow.)

so i have to go for the EXTREME EDITION PROCESSORS this time for playing above mentioned games ?

or simply look for a upgraded normal speed processor like CORE2DUO (E8000) series clocking at 3.0 GHz ????????????

games like NFS HOT PURSUIT 2 , F1 2010 , COD BLACK OPS , and all upcoming games .

Sell your old system, get i3 instead. 2 cores, 4 threads, pwns every single core 2 series processor out there, including the core 2 quad. Or you could make it big by going straight for core i5 or core i7 :).

ok thanx... am loooking forward to buy a straight CORE I7 EXTREME EDITION with an intel EXTREME SERIES motherboard ... i hope that will be a future promising system for 4 to 5 years from now or better if more.....

If you are into heavy overclocking and you have a good cooling system then the extreme series is better otherwise go for the regular.

The same applies to the i Series as well.

dude those extreme series processors are real costly.... i have to save alot of amount here.... i think a better cooling solution ur talking about is a liquid cooled PC ? or simply a CORSAIR NON MODULAR PSU OF 1000WATTS would be enuff to handle the CROSSFIRE of 2 ati cards with the combination of extreme processor like i7.

i am not an overclocking enthusiast though , but with my experience of upgrading PC's , i think going for extreme edition processor at once would be beneficial than to upgrade a whole PC after 2 to 3 years..... an extreme edition processor might help in running games of up to 6 years ?????

am i right guys ?

^Not necessarily.

I am playing games on my 1.8Ghz core2Duo, and they are running fine. The system is three years old.

buddy what games u play really ?

i have core2duo (e4600) , 3 gb ddr2 ram and ATI RADEON 5750 (512mb card) but still games like NFS SHIFT , gta 4 and others are choppy. even i have a COOLER MASTER 500WATTS power supply unit for full voltage supply to every peripheral.

these are mainstream games buddy , and still am not able to play them....

core i7

hmm i seee....

core i7 seems to be the solution to the problem.

my friend has core i7 with 4 ghz and he plays very heavy games and he also use 3d max and it works like notepad

thanx for ur comment... no doubt i7 is way powerful...

If you want the best bang for your buck, then core i5 wins hands down. If you could also get your hands on AMD's latest phenom II chips, thats not a bad option either. Instead of opting for crossfire or sli setup, go for a single heavy duty gpu, that way you can crank up the resolution and details to the max without sacrificing anything.

Dont waste your money on a extreme edition processor. Instead, buy a ROG motherboard for your i7, i5 or i3. You will be blown away at how much performance you could squeeze out of your system with that motherboard. The Rampage III formula is one hell of a board, or if you want to go extreme, Rampage III extreme :).

Couple it with either a decent mid tower casing like CM690 II or HAF922, a cpu cooler and thermal paste, and you're all set. No tension for next 5 years.

thnx bro... i have never used AMD chips... no offense but they kindda haunt me ...

well i think i5 will do the job easily with an ASUS ROG edition boards ?

i dont think he needs the i series, for now.. cause all the upcoming games, and the games which have been released are mostly related and required to have core 2 quad.. going for i series, is like future promising, if you want not to have any problems in like 2-3 yrs, go with the quad .. its best for you.. just get a good graphic card, powersupply, and ram! this should be enough for you.. :) i have a i7 and asus rampage motherboard, but its of no use for me atm.. since its quite heavy .. and my quad can run all the games smoothly which i use on i7 too.. so dont bother.. :)

for future go for i series,

otherwise hang on to quad.. :)

Graphic Card.. Gtx 460 or Ati 5830 should be enough for you , no need to go higher than that, for those games you mentioned! Max cost = 24k

4 gb ram should be enough for you

core 2 quad q9400 = 17400 >>> with the p5 asus series boards :)

or if you i3 = 10300 or i5 they range from 16-19k board supported >>> p7 series.. varies from 10-12k .. :)

a 550 or 500 antec or CM powersupply should be enough for you.. 5 - 5500k ..

this config can run , any game which have been released uptil now flawlessly , the rest is on you :)

Agreed iSeries can wait, as the quadcore computers are more than enough to handle top games.

^ I disagree. With a brutal fast processor, you can improve your minimum framerate with a midrange as much as 30%. Try running 9800GTX with max detail on any current game at 1680x1050+ resolution with a core 2 duo or core 2 quad, you will find they completely suck. Now couple them with the i3, i5 or i7, and see the difference for yourself. Even on stock clocked i5 the difference was like day and night, but when I clocked it to 4.0 Ghz, need i say more :).

Clock for clock, the i series simply blows away the older core 2 quads. Why waste your money on old tech when you can buy the current tech which is widely available and is simply better in every single application you can throw at it. i3 is one hell of a processor, it can reach 4.5Ghz easily on air cooling, and it costs less than e8400.

Go for the i3 or i5 (i7 is too expensive and not really needed by you atm). They simply crush the core2 series. Tried and tested. Or if you don't want to go for the iSeries, wait for the new series of processors and motherboard which don't use BIOS and have a booting time of 2s. Dont waste your money on the core2 series. BTW, the i3, paired with the right board, is an overclocking beast (provided you have a good water cooled system. I had to bring it down to 3.4 as my system could not handle 4.0). Also, NEVER make the mistake of buying an Intel board for gaming.

Guys Please advise me for gamin machine about 30K. How about AMD machine for Games.

@JDK .. i had that config which you said, 9800Gtx with quad, over a year ago.. and bro i really didnt faced any issues with it .. 9800 was one hell of a card during its time.. and Quad has owned every single thing, i agree to the point that.. yes go for new technology instead of old, but just show me one game? one game? which has been purposefully build for i series? there isnt any.. and 2nd thing, if a person is low on cash he definitely cant afford i series easily, tho i must agree that the processor is pretty cheap as compared to quad, but the board isnt, overclocking? needs extremely good cooling for pc.. which again costs a lot.. why waste so much money? when the technology isnt even useful for now? dude i tell you , i have 2 pcs, one with i7 i have a asus rampage, seriously that pc of mine is a monster.. but i really dont get it now, i bought because i was too hyped up for it, i agree i series, completely own the series, but my quad with asus p5 board.. it runs all the games i need to run, and they work perfectly , nothing wrong with them, not even a slight thing.. well was just my opinion, :) nothing else. going for i series, plus overclocking it.. is just a wastage of money, IMO i have it, and i have realized it.. the rest depends on him.. what he wants to get :) peace!

@ mfa6464 , amd sucks bro, dont get it.. and plus 30k is too low for gaming pc.. although i can make a quotation for you in 30k , if you tell me in which games you are interested in to play.. however , for gaming pc, you atleast need 20k for board and processor, thats the lowest , and then with the remaining ten, you need to buy a power supply, a graphic card ( probably of inno3d, which is useless ) , hd , which you cant get in 10k! :) however, still it depends on the games you want to play, lemme know.. and i will see what i can do for you :)