Copy/Move Complete Boot Drive C:?

Hey guys,

i need to move my C: drive to another hard disk/SSD , i need a software which i can also copy the boot information in the hard disk so that after moving i can properly run OS from it...

any suggestion??

any kind of software would be ok like which can make an Image first then copy or just directly copy etc...

Use a bootable norton ghost to make image of your C: on old hard and then restore the image to the new hard's C:

You have to clone the entire disk - along with partition table. Use any of the cloning softwares.

if ur old hard disk has xp then us norton ghost other wise use acronis disk director suite,, i use it frequently,,

u can install both hdd at the same time install acronis disk director suite and run it from windows to do all,, it will reboot and do all the needed things,,

another option is to use old hiren boot disk ( below version 8 ) as latest versions have all the commercial softwares removed,, use that bootable cd and run the programs according to the tip in first line tha i posted,,

you are switching disk controllers. So make a wise choice. Better shoot an email to Acronis first.

Some people suggest uninstalling disk controller before switching disks via disk images.

Norton Ghost is the right way if you need all your stuff intact including OS