Converting PTCL Land line number to vfone, possible?

I want to convert/port my PTCL's landline number to vfone, is it possible?

No. But may be the will be able to provide you a number close to that.

No you cannot. The Landline and Vfone numbers have different numbers.

No, it is not possible

Can't you use call forwarding to your vphone from land line. Just get unlimited package for land line for just Rs.450/- per month. Check Call forwarding immediate in value added services section.

PTCL has done us a great service by launching this new Online Self Care Portal to get all the FAQs and tutorial videos requires to operate their devices.

:) Yes it is Possible

Kindly Refer to your Nearest in Exchange.

They will provide handset that has Vfone services inside. When PTCL Landline goes down then Wireless services becomes active. Thats how it works.

Yes it is Possible