Convert your PTCL DSL to Wifi(Wireless Internet)

A Brief & easy tutorial to making Wifi

Mostly guys are worried about how to make your DSL connection to DSL Wifi Internet.

And what things required for making wifi Internet.

Required products

1- DSL (Which you have already installed given by ISP provider)

2- Wireless Router (Have to purchase)

3- Built-in Wifi Device (In new laptops) [if not Built-in then have to purchase device at point # 4]

4- Wireless PCI Adapter or Wireless USB (For PC both devices work, Wireless USB is only for Non-wifi laptops)

How Wireless Router Setup.


Here easily understandable DSL is connected with Wireless Router. And all the devices either laptops or PC having Wifi equipped can access Internet. Biggest advantage is easily mobility & fast access, range covered within your home approximately covers 100meters.

DSL only access only one PC a time but having Wifi you can share Internet Access upto 254 peers(PC & laptops).

One thing have to remind after setup Wifi at your home must apply Security techniques (WEP/ WPA) or in easy words password protected so to avoid illegal access of your Wifi Internet by your neighbors.

Hope most of novice which didnt understand the concepts of Wifi Internet gain some knowledge from my little bit effort.

Wifi vendors in market of Pakistan

- TP-Link

- LinkSys

- D-Link

While making purchase to Wifi Devices,must have to survey for the best product have good efficiency & cost effective.

TP-Link products produced their best performance having cost effective prices.While moving to other brands like Linksys gives you Double cost having same efficiency.

Wireless Router

I recommend you the product for Wireless Router is TPLink Model # TL-WR642G.

As it contains Wireless LAN Router provide upto 108 Mbps with built-in 4-port Switch(directly connect your 4 PCs with LAN cable)

Also detachable antenna to increase your signals more with the help of extension cable.

Price Range: Rs. 2500-2600.

Check product detail.

Wireless PCI adapter card

I recommend if you have PC then buy PCI Adapter card instead of Wireless USB.

TPLink Model # TL-WN651G having 108Mbps capability..

As Wireless PCI Adapter installed on motherboard has more power,signal strength & more surface area covered then Wireless USB.

Price Range- Rs.1300-1600

Check product detail.

Wireless USB adapter

If you have non-wifi laptop/ PC then buy Wireless USB TP-Link TL-WN620G having 108Mbps capability .

Price Range- Rs.1300-1600

Check product detail.

Wireless CardBus adapter

If you have non-wifi laptop then you can also buy Wireless CardBus instead of wifi-USB, TP-Link TL-WN610G having 108Mbps capability.

Anything can buy Wireless USB or Wirless Card adapter for non-wifi Laptop or faulty wifi laptop.

Check product detail.

Similarly more better products are also available such Router having 3 Antenna but have to limit in Budget.

Else you can choose better as your pocket permits.

thx nice infooo but can u explain how to connect wifi router with dsl modem it l be nice if u explain beifly

Is TP-Link really better than Linksys ? I am asking because in a few days i will be buying a Wireless Router


We cant Bet It ,

But if there is any Difference it is not same as Money

mean , buying a tplink router at 2k is Reasonable other than buying a linksys router at double prize 4K , Defiantly the linksys router will not give you the exact double speed / range compared to tp link as prices

simply you can say it is better in prices

Thanks a lot buddy. Info was very relevant and helpful to my scenario.

Thanks a lot.

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thx nice infooo but can u explain how to connect wifi router with dsl modem it l be nice if u explain beifly

You insert the ethernet cable coming from your DSL modem into the ethernet cable slot of your wi-fi router to connect wi-fi router with your dsl modem.

I found the best thing in TP-Link is support.

Which includes User Manuals, Drivers, Firmwares of each model easily available & also given along with products. Technical Customer care support via email is also very active get response within 24 hours.

Even you can found the TP-Link Wireless Router Simulator (Software application working without hardware) available on their website.

Step By Step Guides available at FAQ for Installation of Router.

The thing is that when you have the product then you find the solutions too.

I prefer Netgear Wi-fi router myself. It has a very setup even for a novice.

aisha how z range of netgear and its price

I have a "g" range modem and got it for about 5000Rs. We bought a similar one in "n" range in England, I don't know if it is available in Pakistan or not. I have used Belkin before Netgear which was ok but the setup was pretty tricky for an amatuer.

so wots difference before n range and g range

Great article. Good going mate regarding the equipment info.

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so wots difference before n range and g range

For detail please follow the detail info link.

In short of your question, answer is

802.11g supports bandwidth up to 54 Mbps [Low Cost]

(According to TP-Link 802.11g extended Range device they claim bandwidth capability upto 108Mbps.

802.11n is an improvement in 802.11g previous standard, supports upto 300Mbps [Expensive] mostly used for large network.

This post should be sticky. What you guys say ?

lynksis devices are way sexier than tp

why dont you pepole get ADSL wireless router e.g: Aztech 605EW .. ADSL + Wireless + 4 lan ports .. all in one function :)

hey plz help me i bought link sys wrt 54G2

i setupp initial setting but dun know how to setup settings


plz guide me wot wot i ve to do there

Certainly a lot of chatter here about 802.11n - my advice to all those considering on using Wifi to share their Internet connections shouldn't bother with n. Reason is your Internet connection will not exceed 8Mbps in the near to medium term where as the standard for .n boasts a max bit rate of 600Mbps. Given the price of .n routers, you're better off going with a standard g (which is 54Mbps hence more than sufficient to share your Internet connection).

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This post should be sticky. What you guys say ?

I agree…!! modz should check and make this topic sticky :P