Conversion of a Satellite Dish into Parabolic Mirror for use with Stirling Engines

I am planning a solar concentrator for a later use on free piston Stirling engine.

for the said purpose following are required

An 8-10 ft Solid Satellite Dish (preferably a solid one)

local or used may suffice. what are the costs involved? and where to get these in Lahore? probably Hall Road?

Solar Tracking Arrangement (dual axis)

i have heard of some remote motorized alignment arrangement which is supposed to do the job very well.

At first the above mentioned arrangement will be used for heating water.

Hi Mr. zaheer, Even though I am not very sure about your required application. I happen to know a group who mounted a 5ft dish on a dual axis gig. It could rotate the dish 360 degrees at the horizontal and about 120 degrees at the vertical. They were using it as a tv receiver.

If i am not mistaken you would want to track the sun with it and keep it at an optimum angle to harvest maximum energy, what kind of accuracy are you looking at. If you would like I can pass you the contact details. They were all students at that time and now working but I am sure they will be glad to assist you.


i have done a preliminary search on the internet to find out that solar concentrators require more accuracy as compared to flat panel photovoltaic panels. however, it is presumed that the stated field of rotation / movement in both horizontal and vertical directions is sufficient for my purpose.