Conversation of 1 kilowatt to unit

Does any one know how to convert 1 kilowatt used in 1 hour to unit as electirc meter display?

actualy the one unit of wapda meter is 1kwh which is same as u r asking

so no need to convert...

1kwh=1kw used continously for 1hour=5rs or 7rs or 10rs=3.6MEGA JOULES

the meter used by wapda measure in kwh

check it urself at ur meter!


Thanks for reply. So it means if i use 1kwh for one hour than meter will show uses of one unit.

yah if u use 1kw(not 1kwh) for one hour or 1kwh then ur meter wil show 1unit

and may be it shows more or les(if u r lucky one) cuz u knw substandard meters or alterations in 'em by wapda or wid time

its Pakistan


Thanks for information

1kwh = 1000 watts continuously over 1 hour

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1kwh = 1000 watts continuously over 1 hour

How to convert in unit?

What do you mean in unit?

Kilowatt = 1000 watts

watt = 1 watt

Kilowatt Hour = 1000 watts over 1 hour

When an appliance is rated at 600W, it means that appliance consumes 600 Watts an hour, or 0.6kWh.

If the cost per kWh is Rs. 6, then it means that to run a 600W appliance for one hour will cost you rs. 3.6 (0.6 x Rs. 6).

Hope this helps


I mean if 1kW is consumed for an hour than how much unit will be electric meter will show.

According to ShoukaT, 1Kwh is 1 unit as per electirc meter.

yar raza u hav confused him

yar its simple if u run an iron 1000watt.=10x100watt. Bulbs=50x20watt. Energy savers=1000watt.=1Kw for one hour constantly then your meter moves 1 unit ahead

mfa i ll advise u to take a look at ur electric meter and u can c these words writen after the reading "in KWH" which our wapda calls a unit

Thanks ShoukaT