Controversy or Truth?

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Woodward Reveals Pentagon “Secret Killing Program” in Iraq

What Is The Secret Killing Weapon In Iraq?

Watch the YouTube videos and hear the testimonials of Iraqi doctors and eye-witnesses to the unknown technology being used experimentally by U.S. military on Iraqi citizens.

Liquified buses, shrunken bodies, melted eyes, but no projectiles or ballistics.

See the declassified video footage of actual tests conducted using similar technology the military is known to be developing.


Controversy or Truth?

I doubt about being controversy and at that large scale. After reading and watching videos, i belive that there is truth.

aah one thing. most of the infowar articles are lie. i used to read it when they just used to published hacking articles then they change the complete format with a lot more lies.

ohhh really and videos also lie? I have not much idea about infowar and moreover they seems to be non-muslim website than why they lie abuot themself.