Controlling hub users with Adsl modem/Router

Can i control the users who are connected with hub ? if i make some changes in my Adsl WiFi modem (PTCL JADOO BOX), then the users connected with hub get no affect of that but the users who are directly connected with my Jaddo Box are affecting with my router changes. for example if i set a time restriction for a user who is connected via hub then my time restriction would not work and if i do same with the user who is directly connected with jadoo box then it works. so is there any solution for that ?

Unless you provide more details about your network configuration, what IP/Mac you specified for time-restriction, the actual IP/Mac of intended "victim", etc, it is difficult to pinpoint the problem.

In jadoo box there is an option of Access Time Restriction. (This page adds time of day restriction to a special LAN device connected to the Router. To restrict a LAN device, please enter the MAC address of the LAN device). when i put the mac address of the user who is connected with hub then the mac restriction is not working but if i do the same with the user who directly connected with my jadoo box then it was just an example of time restriction... same situation is with the option of Static IP Lease List. its also not working when i use ip lease option so that i can give static ip to the user connected with hub. but this options works with he users directly connected with jadoo box ports. Bottom line is that i am unable to control hub users. is there any solution for this problem ?

Are you sure that the 'hub' is really a hub and not a router or a NAT device in itself?

I suspect this even more with what you said about Static IP lease list. (Are you sure no other DHCP server is present on your network?)

But as you seem to be good in networking so it is more probable that the 'victim' may be changing his MAC address to evade any restriction. (Hence also the reason of not getting specified static IP address)

yes it is just a hub not a router or NAT.....There is no other DHCP and the users who r connected with hub can't change mac address. They only know how to use net and how to download movies using torrents :/ Nothing Else..... Tell me one more thing is there any way to block utorrent ? I still remember few weeks back i connected TPLINK Wireless Router 300Mbps Wireless N Router (TL-WR940N) with my adsl modem and tried to limit the net speed of hub users and at that time i put the hub cable into router's lan port it also didn't work.... I guess the only solution for this problem is to directly connect hub users to my jadoo box which i can't do because there are only 4 lan ports available which are already connected with other users.That's why i am using hub as well with 8 ports.

Well, more question are needed to be answered now :)

1) Name and model of this 'hub'

2) Is your Jadoo Box getting its date/time updated through time-servers? Or simply put, is its date/time setting correct?

3) Are you sure you are getting the right MAC address of the user?

4) Ping the user from your PC and then check the current Arp table (type "arp -a" in command prompt). Can you see the IP of the user? Does his Physical Address (MAC) match what you have put in restrictions?

5) You use the word ADSL Modem in your reply? Were you referring to the Jadoo Box?