Consumer item prices comparision (Online vs Saddar/stores)

Hi guys,

Can anybody comment on the difference in prices of LCD/LED TVs on online webstores and actual stores in saddar and such shops in karachi. I wanted to buy one LCD/LED tv and was comparing if it would be better for me to bring one from abroad or if buying in karachi would entail the same cost.

So I was using the prices listed to compare the prices here in Singapore. If someone can comment if the actual prices in saddar etc are similar/lower/higher the prices mentioned on the website, it would be great help for me.

Websites that I am using are, and



if you are importing one from abroad, then what happens when the warranty is not there or if some problems come up.

in saddar you can find imported led/lcds without warranty as well which they call "baggage item". they are cheaper then the prices advertised in the websites and the prices available

even in other shops in saddar. Some of the prices I have found are lower in saddar (with warranty items as well), then on beliscity.

I will go on to say that the cheapest led/lcds tv I have found are to be of lg, even their 3d tv are cheaper then samsung here in karachi local market.